Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about loose covers, reupholstery, curtains or our service in general? We hope you will find an answers to your questions here. If not, please call us on 0800 019 0505.

Top 10 Questions:

  1. How much does it cost or at least a rough idea of price?
  2. Do we repair upholstery/loose covers/furniture?
  3. Is there a consultant in my area and who are they?
  4. Can you cover/reupholster a particular type of furniture?
  5. How long will my order take to complete?
  6. How long before I hear from the consultant?
  7. Are there other fabrics than those shown on the website?
  8. Can I use my own fabric?
  9. Do you cover leather furniture?
  10. Can I order online?
  11. Do you offer interest free credit?

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1. How much does it cost or at least a rough idea of price?

Given that there are so many different furniture styles it is very difficult to give an accurate price without measuring your furniture. What we can say is that we have a varied range of products that suit virtually everybody’s style and budget.

To get an accurate price for new Loose Covers, Reupholstery or Curtains all you have to do is request a free no-obligation home visit from one of our Local Home Consultants.

2. Do you repair upholstery/loose covers/furniture?

We do repair furniture where necessary as a part of our Reupholstery Service, where it is sometimes necessary to tighten joints, replace broken springs and replace webbing among other processes. However, we do not offer a repair only service on your furniture or repair covers and curtains not purchased from Plumbs.  

3. Is there a Consultant in my area and who are they?

Plumbs currently cover 98% of UK households – so the chances are ‘yes’ we have a Consultant in your area. In fact we currently have around 150 Consultants nationwide who are on hand to offer free no-obligation advice.

If we don’t currently have a Consultant in your area we can sometimes offer a mail order service. For more information about ‘Covers by Mail’ please call 0800 019 05 05.

4. Can you cover/reupholster a particular type of furniture?

Between our Made-to-Measure Covers and Reupholstery Service Plumbs believe we can cover any sofa, chair, footstool and suite on the market. Your local home consultant will be able to advise which your best option is based on your budget and requirements.

If you would like a local Home Consultant to come out to take a look at your furniture and offer you a free no-obligation quotation – please click the 'Request a Visit' button at the top of the page.

5. How long will my order take to complete?

If you have ordered Loose covers your consultant will normally return within six to eight weeks from placing an order. If you have ordered Traditional Loose Covers or Reupholstery your furniture is taken away and worked on and returned two to three weeks from furniture collection. 

6. How long before I hear from the Consultant?

As a company policy our Home Consultants aim to be in contact within 5 days. However this is an area that we are constantly improving on so you may hearfrom your Consultant sooner.

7. Are there other fabrics than those shown on the website?

Yes. The fabrics that we show online are only a selection of the total fabrics in our range. You can currently choose from over 800 designs and colours for Loose Covers, Curtains or Reupholstery fabrics. To see the full range of fabrics in the comfort of your own home, request a free no-obligation visit today. Your local Home Consultant will show you large fabric samples and give you all the advice you need to create a beautiful new look for your home.

8. Can I use my own fabric?

Unfortunately we cannot make covers or reupholster furniture using a customer's own fabric. All Plumbs fabrics have to go through stringent quality and safety checks and regulations which restricts us from taking fabric from our customers. 

9. Do you cover leather furniture?

We offer reupholstery for leather furniture, where you can select a fabric from our large range. Tailored removable covers are available however in our experience they will move in situ so would need regular redressing. Please call us for more details. 

10. Can I order online?

Unfortunately you cannot order Plumbs Covers, Reupholstery or Curtains online because it is a bespoke product requiring unique measurements from your furniture. What we do offer is an excellent Home Consultancy Service where we send one of our trusted local consultants to come and visit you. The benefit of Home Consultancy visit rather than ordering online is you get to see a feel the fabric and how it fits in with your current soft furnishings. Your Home Consultant also measures and inspects your furniture, so not only do you get an accurate quote you also get a wonderful close fitting cover. 

11. Do you offer interest free credit?

Yes, we are happy to say we do offer 0% interest free credit with our partner Omni Capital Retail Finance. Subject to age and status, if approved customers are required to pay their deposit (1/3 of the order value) upfront and will be able to spread the remaining balance of their order over 12 months.