What Are Loose Covers?

loose covers or rep

To put it simply, loose covers are placed over the top of your existing upholstery to give your sofa, chair or footstool a brand new appearance without having to buy new furniture. Unlike our reupholstery service, loose covers can be removed and most of our fabrics are machine washable!

However, what we do with our Loose Covers is anything but simple. We have been in the business of making loose covers for over 60 years and in that time we have developed the very best practises for producing stunning, close fitting covers for your furniture.

We have a team of expert Home Consultants who inspect your furniture and can take over 100 measurements to get a quality made to measure product you can be proud of. We offer a range of product options for Loose Covers to cater for all furniture types.

How To Fit Loose Covers


What’s the difference between Easifit, Designer &
Traditional Loose Covers?

Easifit are a stretch cover fabric which offers excellent value for money. Plus, due to the flexibility of the fabric, we are able to cover over 98% of furniture styles. These covers are easy to remove and replace so you can wash your covers and refit them for a fresh, crease free look, time after time.

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For more information request a free home visit with one of our expert consultants. 

Our designer covers differ from our Easifit range in that they are a non stretch fabric, providing a more structured cover. Due to their structured fit, your Home Consultant would take extra care in their inspection and measuring of your furniture to ensure you get the best possible fit from your covers.

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For more information request a free home visit with one of our expert consultants.

Our Traditional loose covers are the pinnacle of our loose cover range. A pattern is made directly on your furniture by our expert crafts team – right down to the smallest detail. Your furniture is taken away where necessary to ensure a beautiful fit. The advantage of Traditional loose covers over reupholstery is that selected fabrics are machine washable.

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For more information request a free home visit with one of our expert consultants.



Loose Covers Before After


Valance options

  • Unpleated Valance
  • Pleated Skirt Valance
  • Skirted Valance
  • Knife Pleat Valance

We have a variety of valance options available depending on which kind of cover type you opt for. This includes traditional knife pleat valances through to more contemporary looking skirted valances. We also have an elasticated option for our Easifit range.


Piping options

  • Standard Piping
  • Contrast Piping
  • Unpiped

We also have a few piping options for you to choose from. We have the standard piping and unpiped options – plus for a slightly different look you can also opt for contrast piping for your covers.